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Baptism is the primary Sacrament of Initiation. Baptism initiates and incorporates us into the Body of Christ, the Church. Through its waters, we are remade into a new creation and become children of God and temples of the Holy Spirit. Original sin is forgiven and grace is given to us from God enabling us to believe, to hope, and to love.

It is the tradition within the Roman Catholic Church to baptize infants. Parents present their children for baptism, and with that, profess a willingness to raise the children with gospel faith. Baptismal preparation is essential because having a child baptized comes with tremendous responsibilities. Children must be nurtured in the faith and learn fundamental Catholic teachings and values in the home. The entire parish community also takes on the responsibility of helping to develop and safeguard the gift of God's life given in baptism.

Adults who desire to be baptized enter into the RCIA process. Usually at the Easter Vigil celebration they are baptized and experience the other Sacraments of Initiation (Eucharist and Confirmation).

Parents must schedule a meeting with Deacon James Collins and attend preparation classes before scheduling a Baptism. Godparents are also welcome. To register, call Deacon Jim Collins at (843) 902-4833.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is very powerful because it frees us from sin and grants us grace. Reconciliation is the sacrament used for the forgiveness of sins committed after baptism. The story of the Prodigal Son reflects our attitudes about forgiveness and how important it is to our church family to admit to our wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness. The power of forgiving sin belongs only to God, but He uses priests as His tool and through Reconciliation, Christ wipes "the slate clean" and your soul is pure once more. Children’s First Reconciliation is received during Advent during the second grade year. Confession is available every Sunday at 8:15 AM and by appointment.


Communion is the reception of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We, as Catholics, believe that the Body and Blood of Christ are present during the Mass in the form of bread and wine. Communion is a sacrament that is shared through the church body - we become one with Christ and share the meal in faith. Catholics should take Communion with a clean heart. Reconciliation is the first step on your way to receiving the Eucharist. Only with a soul free from sin, should a person take Communion. Communion is a way of celebrating the sacrifice of Christ and becoming a part of the gift of life that He gave to us. We celebrate Communion as a church family and tell the story of our faith. At Mass, we remember the history of Jesus's sacrifice and we are nourished with the Body and Blood of Christ.

First Holy Communion

Our second grade religious education students celebrate the Sacrament of First Eucharist each year on Mother's Day. The children begin their preparations in the first grade and these preparations continue into the second grade. Many times we have older students that have not yet received First Eucharist and in those cases we make every effort to help the children prepare themselves for First Eucharist through class time, home study and tutoring. These students learn that they are welcome at the "family table", the special miracle we celebrate at each Mass. They discover the sacrifice Jesus made for them and embrace God's love for us each time they attend Mass.


Communion is offered in the hospital, extended care facility, and for the homebound, but you must contact Deacon Jim Collins at (843) 902-4833 or Jane McCabe at (843) 756-0226.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is another sacrament of initiation in the Catholic Church. When one receives the Sacrament of Confirmation, one is anointed with holy oil and is enriched with the strength of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation completes the grace of Baptism and creates in each person the ability to act as a true witness of Christ. Confirmation enables each person to become more deeply connected to God, unites us with Christ, allows us to seek out and share the gifts bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit and perfects our bonds to the Church. We become witnesses to God's love and mercy and defenders of the faith. Just like Baptism, (which Confirmation completes), Confirmation is only given once and it imparts an indelible spiritual mark upon the soul - a sign that Christ has marked us as His own and gives us the strength and grace to bear witness to our faith.

Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation is a two-year program and requires verifiable attendance at Mass and at Youth Group meetings. In addition, community service, retreat attendance, and specific assignments are required. The date for the Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation is set by the Bishop.


Arrangements must be made at least six months before the wedding. Couples must successfully complete a marriage preparation program. Contact Deacon James Collins at (843) 902-4833 to make an appointment to complete the proper canonical requirements before the wedding date is set.


This is the proper name for what is sometimes mistakenly called “Last Rites” or “Extreme Unction.” It is meant for anyone who has a serious illness, is facing surgery, or even is dealing with the effects of old age. It should not be limited to the dying. As the Letter of James says clearly, “Are there any who are sick among you? Let them send for the priests of the Church, and let the priests pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord...” It is a sacrament of healing for spirit, mind and often body. It is administered anytime on request.

Please contact Deacon James Collins at (843) 902-4833 if you have a family member or friend in the hospital who would like to receive the Sacraments. In the event of a medical or pastoral emergency requiring an immediate response, please call Our Lady Star of the Sea at (843) 249-2356.


Holy Orders is the sacrament through which the mission entrusted by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time: thus it is the sacrament of apostolic ministry. It includes three degrees: episcopate, presbyterate, and diaconate. (CCC 1536)
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Please contact Deacon James Collins at (843) 902-4833 if you have a family member or friend in the hospital who would like to receive the Sacraments. In the event of a medical or pastoral emergency requiring an immediate response, please call Our Lady Star of the Sea at (843) 249-2356.